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Epoch Manifesto

The class was the History of Graphic Design. The assignment was to create a manifesto in the same vein as the great design manifestos of the past (Bauhaus movement, Dada, Futurism, etc.), with a poster, flyers and, most importantly, a Dogma that we believed in. My teammates and I came up with a basic skeleton of the manifesto's dogma, which I then wrote. The poster concept was conceptualized by myself then designed in it's entirety by myself (the logo and grasping hand) and one of my teammates (radials and text radial). The flyer was completed by our third teammate. The project was a success, earning us the 'Best Dogma' award for the competition, losing out on 'Best of Show' by one vote (there were egg rolls involved).

EPOCH Dogma:

EPOCH (ep-uhk) - noun
The beginning of a distinctive period in the history of anything.


The bullet points that we wrote for the Epoch manifesto, are points that we feel  are important and sometimes overlooked. The thought that anyone can sit behind a computer with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and consider themselves a Graphic Designer is absurd. Without the basic fundamentals and a well-checked ego, you do not belong in the industry. We have to take what we have learned and seize control of our industry! No one is going to hand us the tools and skills we need to be successful, we need to take them. Seize what we learn and apply it to our designs. We must avoid mediocrity and the mundane. We must strive to be great. The future of graphic design is ours and the competition is great.



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