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The Invasion of Infinite Creativity
The Art Institute of California – Inland Empire was hosting an event during the summer of 2008, featuring guest speakers April Greiman, Alexander Manu, and others as well as workshops, and tutorials to help increase technical skills. The original idea for the event was: ‘Creative Limit – Infinity’, which didn’t quite work since there is no limit to the infinite. We were told to come up with a new concept using an infinity symbol and the word creativity. I came up with the idea of using the infinity symbols as spaceships invading a city. The concept was eagerly welcomed, and I was declared the team leader and was assigned students to work under me. The team and I created, for mass production, a poster, mailer, and a functional web site. By the last week of the course, every student in the class was working for the team. We created and successfully marketed the event with additional peripheral materials (buttons, flyers, t-shirts, water bottle sleeves and badges). One of the most rewarding aspects was having April Greiman comment that she liked the materials during a portfolio review.