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It’s Superman!

The assignment was to recreate a dust-cover jacket for any existing novel, as well as several interior pages, including a random two-page spread. The novel I chose was ‘It’s Superman!’ By Tom DeHaven. For the cover, I sketched out a quick drawing of Superman ripping open his shirt, then scanned it into the computer. From there I used Adobe Illustrator to finish the character, then imported it into Adobe InDesign for the type setting. The fonts used on the cover were ‘Traveling Typewriter’ (used because of the erratic style of the font. The novel took place in the 1930’s and centered on newspaper reporters) and Copperplate Gothic light (the actual font that Chronicle Books uses for their corporate identity). For the interiors I, again, used Traveling Typewriter for the chapter headings, page numbers & page headers and Minion Pro for the body text. Lastly, in the original novel, the chapters were broken down into numbered sections, I decided to lose the numbers and break the section up with Superman symbols.

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