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Save Honduras

This poster started as a digital photograph I took from a live model. The model, who was originally from Honduras, came into the class in authentic Honduran garb, and, for over an hour, posed for us. We were encouraged to ask her as many questions as we wanted about her home country to find inspiration for the project. During the Q&A she spoke of the atrocities that happen in her, otherwise beautiful, home country. I chose a powerful photo of her praying to illustrate, and the rest seemed to come together. The silhouette of Honduras and the oozing blood, as well as the model was created in Adobe Illustrator. From there the piece was taken into Adobe In Design, where the subject and the type were laid out on a Hierarchical grid. The fonts used were ‘Ultra Condensed sans two’ and ‘Helvetica’, two very strong fonts, to drive home the seriousness of the subject.