Apple iPhone

In a Concept Design class I was given the opportunity to create an advertisement for the new Apple iPhone. The first step in the process was a meeting with the client, where the students could ask questions as to the direction the client wanted us to go in. During the meeting we were given the stipulations that we could use absolutely no photography and we could not focus on just one feature of the iPhone, rather the phone as a whole. We were told how revolutionary the product was and how everything you did was there at your fingertips. In those two statements I came up with the slogan ‘The revolution at your fingertips’. My inspiration for the piece was the classic image off of the famous ‘Revolution’ fist. The advertisement is monochromatic red, and completely created using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. The font used is Myriad, the same font used by the Apple Corporation. The design earned the highest grade in the class for the project, was placed on display on the walls of the Art Institute and won a 2008 Addy Award.




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